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About Mercyful

Welcome to Mercyful-Silvermoon

We are a social raiding guild who are casual, friendly, respectful and who believe in good progress. We have a keen eye on steadily progressing towards end-game content but have a flexible attitude towards raiding, but when we are raiding, we take it pretty seriously and have a high expectations of ourselves. More importantly, enjoyment and attitude is more important to us than gear.

We believe in having a laugh too and enjoyment for the game is paramount above all else. We try to be efficient with our raid time by planning and organising things before we set foot in the raid. We have a fair system based on calendar sign ups to make sure all our main raiders can gear up and gain experience.

We are always raiding new content and also do old school raids for either rep, mounts, achievements, just for fun etc but we DO NOT use dkp.

If you need more information about us please feel free to contact one of our officers. If your interested in joining, read all our guild rules first. Once done, you can register on the site and then apply to Mercyful. In the application, please give us a much details as possible, and check back to see if you are successful or not.

We do many fun activities such as the naked gnome race and night elf races, aside raiding that many other guild on the server do not do or hardly do, we take pride in providing group tasks for everyone to enjoy with lots of rewards at the end, from mounts to gold to even pets. We know not everyone enjoys raiding so by doing this we hope to get to everybody and creat a fun realaxing and resepctful enviroment for everybody to enjoy.

All things are subject to change as we grow as a guild.

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