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re: Tools to get ready to raid


1: Know your class!

It is extremely important to know your class and spec, how to Dps, Heal and Tank efficiently. Here are some GREAT resources that everyone should look at in preperation. - PVE Raider site showing everything they need to know to get set up, both gear, rotation, spec, gems, enchants, etc. USE this site! 

Key Bindings / Macros - It is very helpful and normally very important to learn how to use macros and how to use them. Macros allow you to group up multiple abilities into one button click. For instance, most classes can make a burst macro that casts all their cooldowns with one click, or macros to swap a boss. 


2: Get Geared up!

Even with a great rotation and spec, having better gear will ultimately result in better DPS, better healing, or better tanking. There are multiple ways to get geared up, here are some of the ways:

Heroics - Heroics drop blue 463 gear and on the rare occasion drop a purple 476 item. Altho heroic gear is not too great it is a good start and fast to get into your first lfr's (MSV, HoF and ToES). 

LFR - These are great for getting purple gear with a decent ilvl. LFR's are raid contect designed to help gear people up raiding with a  random group but with easier tactics and slightly lower ilvl gear.

Gear LFR ilvl's: MSV - 476       HOF - 483       TOES - 483       TOT - 502       SOO - 528

LFR is also a good way to get raid experience, although still look up the tactics on sites like to be able to understand the fights.

Timeless Isle - This is probably one of the best way to gear up after just levelling 90. Although when badly geared with a low ilvl this place can be hard, everything you kill here has a chance to drop 496 ilvl gear. although this gear is not ideal due to the randomly generate secondary stats, its is still not bad at all. one of the best ways to gear using this method, especially at first is to go farm this location with friends or guildies. sometimes enemies here will drop a burden of eternity which can be used to further increase a piece of gear from ilvl 496 to 535

Reputation Grinding - There are many MoP reputations you can get exalted with. This can be accomplished with doing quests or dailies. Some reputation is important to be able to buy some ger from venders associated with that reputation.

PVP Gear - Not recommended much at all, however if you can't seem to replace that darn blue item in your armour set, sometimes the honor/conquest PVP epic gear can be a slight improvement. - Great site to not only see how much DPS you SHOULD be doing (great to benchmark) but also you can search armour to upgrade, so if you have a low item and want to replace it, this is a great tool to see what you can replace it with, and where to get it.


3: Use the tools available - Addons and Interface

Although some people are against using addons, there are many really nifty tools out there to help you maximize your performance. Here's a list of some addons. I recommend only installing addons from Be wary about using 'unusual' addons that aren't highly recommended and popular in use.

Deadly Boss Mods* - IMPORTANT addon, it will tell you when things are happening in boss fights, what to avoid, interupts, your standing in something, etc. Truly if you dont have this, you could be hurting the entire raid, not just yourself.

GTFO - Great addon that gives you a loud "WARNING" noise if you are standing in something. With all the "Don't stand in fire please," this addon helps keep you aware that you need to move, now.

Recount - Just a fun thing to help you see how well you did at the end of battles. But while raiding we STRONGLY suggest you do not pay attention to recount as this may distract you from what is going on around you while raiding and potentially putting strain on the other members of your raid due to your mistakes not paying attention what is going on around you.

ElvUI - Although not needed I do recommend this UI. This will completely replace your UI to a very tidy and customisable UI. Do not download the version on curse as it seems to not work correctly. download the TukUI Windows Client, install it and then download and install the plugin from there.

 *To raid in this guild you are required to have this plugin

4: Have a main, but be flexible

In raids it is important that players can switch to another spec if needed. For example, if you are a elemental shaman but we need a healer, you can have a Resto OS and play resto instead. or if a boss fight needs 1 less healer that normal, you can go DPS or or a fight only needs 1 tank, 1 tank can go DPS etc.


5: Be on Time and Ready (This section is REQUIRED for raiding with us)

When raids are posted, be sure to be on time, if not early. Usually we start forming groups a little early to ensure that we have time to fill in gaps if necessary with other members or pugs. 30 minutes before a raid is when you should be on and ready. Here's a checklist:

All items Optimized (Gems, enchants, reforging) - Use to help you with this

All items fully repaired

Get on RaidCall

Study the fights before hand. Although some fights it's hard to "learn" without just wipefesting it, watching videos and studying strategies can help gain a familiarity. Here's some good ways to find help

Youtube, look for FatBoss and Tankspot to find video strategies on boss encounters. They give a great overview of fights.


TY for checking this guide out and let me know if there is anything that needs adding or any mistakes. You all know what i am like >_< - Chopsuie

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